In the Buff: New Rimmel Nude Lipsticks by Kate Moss

Due to a lifelong obsession with finding the perfect nude lipstick, I'm pretty delighted that Rimmel have once again teamed up with Kate Moss to produce a Nude Collection.

Surprisingly, there are just two shades available in the collection, but they're very cleverly chosen, and cover almost all bases. As usual with pharmacy brands - unfortunately - deep skin tones may not find a match among the two shades. One of them - 45 - will work for paler skins, and those whose skin has pink undertones. 43 will work for yellow- based skins, but that's not a hard and fast rule. Either shade might be perfect for you, so it's always worth a swatch.

Left: 45 - pink based, Right: 43 - yellow based. Left: 45 - pink based, Right: 43 - yellow based.

I've always rated Rimmel lipsticks for quality and affordability. Some people don't like the sweet fragrance, but I confess I really do! Here are the shades on the lips:


Left: 45, Right: 43 Left: 45, Right: 43

These are perfect everyday shades, or would work charmingly with a smoky eye for an evening look. These would also work brilliantly with bridal makeup. A nude lipstick will always be used, and at €6.99, they punch well above their weight.

What do you think? Are these worth a purchase? And yes, we've noticed how photoshopped the promo image of Kate is, but we still love the lipsticks! Share your thoughts in the comments.

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