In Which Kirstie Thinks She is Nabbing a Limited Edition Lipstick

vegas volt swatch

So I was passing through Gatwick yesterday en route back from ATP, and of course, as there was a MAC stand in airport shopping, I had to have a little auld browse.

Trying to resist, I immediately gave in when I spotted the Euristocrats collection on display. I'm a complete sucker for lipstick, and a bigger sucker for a limited edition. Since I'm firmly in the orange groove for spring/summer, I honed in on a fabulously pigmented coral. Vegas Volt, apparently. That should have been a clue. Vegas = not in Europe. But I'd drunk my way through approx the equivalent of my body weight in beer the past 3 days and so was a little less than compis mentis.

I purchased. I came home. I admired my purchase as I contemplated unpacking and doing some washing. Trying it on won out over domestic drudgery. I then decided to blog about it. I did a Google search and immediately copped it was not one of the Euristocrats. It was a bog-standard MAC lipstick from the regular collection.


Oh well, I thought. Feck it though - it's fabillis.

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