Innovation at Inglot with O2M Nail Polish


While I knew Inglot was a bit of a hot-bed for brights, decent brushes and affordable MACesque shades, I didn't know the company had a fair bit of science up their sleeves.

That was, until I read about O2m, the brand's newest nail polish. Unveiled at the launch of their first US store in New York's Times Square recently, O2m comes in 46 shades and uses technology based on the polymer that was originally developed for breathable contact lenses.

The resulting polish has an increased oxygen and water vapor permeability, which in non gobbeldy-gook-speak means that the varnish goes on well and allows your nails to breathe underneath, reducing the potential of fungal infections. Now, in fairness, I'm not hugely sure how big an issue that actually is in real life but I'm assuming that it also cuts down on the dehydrating and nail-splitting properties polish can sometimes have, which would be a bonus.


If you like the sound of it, well, it's at Inglot's branch at Liffey Valley where it's selling it for €13 a bottle. Have you tried it yet - and if so, did you think it was better than other brands?

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