Inside my Stash: My Very Favourite Sparkly Hairclip

sparkly hairclip

Ok, so I know this ain't much of a post but it occurred to me the other day that this is one of my most reached-for beauty accessories and I wear it constantly, so it deserves some love.

About 10 years old at this stage, I bought this over-sized purple crystal heart and rhinestone clip in Topshop on Oxford Circus on a trip to London, and it was some heart-attack inducing price at the time of the equivalent of £30 punts or threabouts, but I fell hard for it and had to have it. Ah, you know how it is.

sparkly hairclip


I think it's Mikey, the blingin' accessories brand, and even though to me at the time it was expensive - more, definitely, than I'd paid for a hairclip at that point (or since as it happens) - I've gotten amazingly good wear from it.  It's lasted remarkably well seeings as it's adorned me on more than a few lost weekends, it's been across the world and back and it still has all its stones, the clasp still grips and it's in perfectly good working nick.

And so I salute you, lovely shiny sparkly, glittery hairclip. I hope you continue to give me many more years of service.

What about you? Got any favourite hair accessories you've a total soft spot for?

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