Is this Lipcote 2.0 or is it the perfect lip product for brides?

Keeping your lipstick on all day is one thing that we endlessly struggle to achieve. But can this peel off lip stain fix all that? I came across it recently and am seriously tempted to place my order to try it out!

Allow me to introduce you to my new friend, Romantic Bear WOW lip peel.



This product is painted on your lips, left to set and simply peeled off to reveal an all day long lip stain.

Basically speaking, there is colour pigment in the gloss. Like an old-fashioned "peel off" mask, it dries and sets when the product meets the air. By the time the gloss had set or dried, the colour pigment has stained your lips. Very clever altogether.

The whole "peeling off" part is appealing to my penchant for picking scabs (look, you know as well as I that it is always strangely satisfying).


But being serious for a minute, this could be the perfect lipstick for brides?

It's available on-line from Amazon for around €7.

Here is a quick video to show you how it's done.


[iframe id=""]



Has anyone tried this yet? Is it Lipcote 2.0 (hello STINGING LIPS) or does it actually keep the colour in place? I'll report back if my credit card allows me to peel...

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