Get ahead of the January detox with these easy tips

January detox... sigh. It's coming isn't it? But fear not, there are some things you can do to get ahead of it!

January detox, it's something we all end up doing. Whether that's because we overindulged during the holidays, or is a necessity due to lack of funds before payday (lettuce is cheaper than Prosecco after all). No one really likes doing it, but we know we'll feel better for it. And besides, we'll have to get back into our jeans at some point...

For some, the January detox means getting back into running or sports, for others it's all about healthy eating. Whatever way you're planning on doing it, here are some tips to get ahead of the ol' January detox.

january detox

Sleep Well

The short time we have off during the holidays is the perfect time to get some rest in. What other time of year can you have guilt-free lie-ins? Deep sleep is the best kind we can get to help repair our muscles and bodies, so in-between parties make sure you get a couple of early nights in too. Your future self will thank you for it!


Go For a Walk

This sounds like the most boring tip ever, but if you're thinking of getting back into running it might be worth flexing those muscles gently first. Otherwise, you could run the risk of pulling one and putting an end to it all by January 2nd.  Plus, a bit of fresh, crispy December air is always good for the mind.

Herbal Tea

As much as we can forget to drink water when we're busy, it can also happen when we're relaxing too. When it's chilly outside, a big glass of water might not seem as tantalising and an ol' Irish Coffee. But there is a bit of a middle ground in herbal tea. Warming green tea is full of antioxidants while ginger and lemon is great for the immune system. Homemade peppermint tea (made by using natural mint leaves) is especially tasty, plus it aids digestion which in turn will help to keep skin clear.


Do you have any tips for getting ahead of the January detox too?

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