Jargon Busters: Corrective Make Up

When it comes to foundation, we've been discussing all things tone-related of late. The first step is to know your own skin tone and you can learn more about the three options to do that here.  And then we moved onto choosing the foundation that matches your own skin tone (you can catch up on that here).

But there is one final point that I want to make before we wrap up our tonal talks. We've learned to match the tone of our foundation with our natural skin tone. So what is corrective make up and why is it used?

Corrective make up refers to using products that are the opposite of your own skin tone to neutralize your skin. And this all comes back to basic colour theory that we learned here.



The opposite colour on the colour wheel has a neutralising effect. This is why a green hued primer is sometimes used to balance areas of the face that have a strong red hue.

But remember, this corrective make up is only to be used in a targeted way. Unless you want to channel the Incredible Hulk, don't opt for a green hue all over. Just use it on the areas where your skin needs a little help.

If you have any questions about corrective make up, please feel free to leave them below and I'll get round to as many of them as I can.

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