Lessons From Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Ad - "Shine", But Don't Smile

Jennifer looks absolutely gorgeous, and we think the lip shade is divine but, this is all a bit Cover Girl, right? In a dark way, with added 'darkroom in Berlin' beatz.

One can only begin to imagine the on set encouragement in the audio booth: "OK, Jen, this is great, but we just need you to sound a little more encouraging to the consumer. Be sultry and yet nurturing!" So, in other words, as NYMag.com put it, be more "mawm".

You can actually see J-Law go "Well, here goes nothing" at the 5 second mark. "Don't be shy! Shine!" Although if that's the most enthusiastic "Shine" they could get out of her, we'd love to see the other takes.



What do you think of the lippy?

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