Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar: longed for scent leaves me smelling like a Magic Tree

jo malone and magic tree

One of the presents I most eagerly tore the wrapping paper off this year was the new Jo Malone cologne.

I had almost finished my last luscious, gorgeous Jo Malone fragrance and I was dying to try this new one.  Many hints had been dropped and now at last the cream and black box was mine - all mine.

Liberally I doused myself in the stuff on Christmas morning - and spent the whole rest of the day smelling oddly (and strongly) pine scented.

"What do you think of the new Jo Malone?" I asked little sis.  The pause was too long "Eh... it's nice" she replied.


"I smell like a Glade plug-in don't I?"

"Well, I didn't want to say... but yeah".

As soon as I find someone who likes smelling like a pine cone (Santa maybe) I'll donate the bottle to them.  It is a unisex scent, so one of the blokes of my acquaintance might like it.

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