Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Cologne: and my verdict is...

Oh Jo Malone, I know you have never really forgiven me for comparing your last scent to pine air freshner.

But no relationship is complete without a few disagreements, no? Come on, you know that the making up is one of the best bits surely. And you know that you divide opinion - it's one of your considerable charms.

So that's why I'm ecstatic to report that I totally LOVE your new fragrance.  Kirstie loves it too: read what she had to say here.


It smells fresh, sophisticated and has that signature Jo Malone blend of slightly eccentric ingredients. This may take a little getting used to - an initial sniff doesn't reveal the true depth of the scent. The initial sharpness of the fragrance (the anise is a strong top note) mellows into a warmer scent that's completely wearable and, well, yum, for want of a better word.

So are we back on - or wha'?

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