Johnson's Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

The Daily Essentials line from Johnson's launched recently - some of you gals got to go to the celebratory party - and it's a 17-strong collection of products that are budget-priced and suitable for all skin types. Each product is €5 and you can pick and choose amongst ranges for dry, normal and combination types as well across as a few extra products everyone can use.

I've been investigating the Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, one of the crosses-all-boundaries buys. Again, it's a fiver, so really affordable for pretty much everyone. But does it perform?

Like Lancome's much more expensive Bi Facil product, this is a two-phase liquid that you shake to mix, and then squizz a dollop onto a cotton pad. I generally don't actually use makeup remover as I'm a fan of oil or balm cleansing, which has the happy dual function of easily swiping eye makeup off too.

But I'll do anything for you lot, (and it's always good to have one of these fellers on hand anyway) so this has been on my bathroom counter for a week or so now, getting regular use as you can see from the amount I've used.


I've been finding that it's really rather good. And I don't even have a caveat, "for the price". It takes even long wear and stubborn makeup off easily - I've been putting a variety of mascaras, liners and shadows to the test, including MUFE's long-last Aqua Creams.

It's unscented, you get 100ml for the price and is only slightly oily - enough to dissolve and remove makeup, but nowhere near the levels of oiliness Bi Facil achieves. I don't actually mind that greasiness myself, but know it's a bugbear for others. And eye makeup remover, in my book, needs a level of oil so that it can do its job quickly with a minimum of product wastage and sore-eye-making rubbing. This has got just enough in the mix, I think.

The only thing it may not cope with wonderfully well is with thick lashings of waterproof mascara and you might need to go to a second cotton pad per eye, but hey, that's not really an issue and one which many pricier removers would also fall down on.

As it stands, for five quid, this removes heavy loads of shadow, primer, liner and mascara quickly with one pad per eye, and I think that's pretty darn good, actually.

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