Channel Coco with Skin Jewellery from

Stick-on tatts are huge beauty news and we know this because Chanel have decreed it to be so. Waiting lists for their €55 Trompe L'Oeil kit are growing ahead of the March 1st launch date, and regardless of whether you love 'em or loathe 'em, body art transfers are set to stick around (see what I did there?) for quite some time as a result.

If you like the look read on, if you don't - sure read on anyway. are selling a range of stick-on 'skin jewellery' which mimics the trend. These are less Bazooka bubble gum lick-the-back-and-whack-it-on and more an adhesive web of lace and crystals. Pricey enough too: €14.95 is the damage for a wristlet and prices go up to €39.95 for that hand adornment, top right (which I confess I quite like - I'd be giving the butterflies a miss, though. Mimi's episode of Cribs has ruined butterflies for me for life).


I'm not sure if you can wear them more than once either (while the Chanel product is expensive you do get 55 of 'em for your money), so possibly these are best kept for special occasions. What do you think? Would you buy?

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