Is Lady Gaga launching her own beauty collection?

Lady Gaga is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and actress. But is she adding beauty mogul to the list too?

Is Lady Gaga starting her own beauty collection? It certainly looks like it! She has reportedly filed an application to trademark the name Haus Beauty. Which can only mean one thing - something very exciting is on the way!



The story first broke via The Blast, but is now the hot topic on everyone's lips. We've seen a rise in celebrity-driven brands popping up over the past few years. From Kylie Jenner's lipsticks to Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty to Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop.

By all accounts, Lady Gaga's Haus Beauty is being linked to the same people who've worked with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty collection. So we're hoping that will mean diverse colour ranges and plenty of glitter and drama.

What will the collection be like? Will she be creative director or let someone else helm that post? These are questions yet to be answered. But what we do know is that Haus Beauty will apparently include everything from foundation, eyeliners, shadows and lipsticks as well as some skin care.

Are you excited about the new Lady Gaga collection? Or are you a bit sick of celeb ranges now?

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