Lady with a baby: pregnant Beaut.ies how did you/do you stay gorgeous?

pregnant lady

At the moment we seem to be the most fertile site in Ireland. is breeding for the country and so we're getting loads of questions about pregnancy beauty. We had a brilliant post a while back - Calling all Mammies that recommended a lot of body products and it sparked off a lot of interest.

So I admit I have a ulterior motive for asking you this question. I have to go and talk about the best products for pregnant gals - little problem though - I have no babushkas myself and therefore no first hand experience.

And you know we always like to recommend stuff that actually works - on real people. You're my focus group!

  • Tell me what you used that worked - not just for the dreaded stretch marks - but everything else too.
  • Did you have to change your skincare - did you get spotty? What happened to your hair - did it become more lustrous - or maybe more greasy? What shampoo did you use?
  • Did you need to change your foundation if your skin changed.
  • What about concealer - did you get pigmentation marks and need to use a heavy duty concealer?
  • Post pregnancy did you find your skin had changed - and did you have problems with your hair?
  • And most importantly did you find yourself buying yourself little treats - because you're worth it! And what where they?

Off you go! I'm dying to read the comments for this one!

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