Lancome Star Bronzer Magic Brush

A good bronzer is so hard to find.

I've spent most of the summer either
a) orange
b) getting my newest handbag (and hands and clothes) covered in powder from a little jar of smashed up bronzer "pearls"

(As an aside, who the hell invented those little jars of balls in different colours? Someone who has never worn makeup? You can't carry them around with you or they bash together and form a kind of orange sludge - thus defeating their purpose - and you can't use them without a blusher brush, so they're totally inconvienant.)

lancome star bronzerSo I really really like the Lancome Magic Brush. Shaped like a fat pen with a brush at the top, it's one neat little unit, totally suitable for the handbag. Twist the top down, push the button a couple of times to release the bronzing powder into the brush. Et viola!


No mess, no fuss, it shimmers, it bronzes, it's non-oranging. Truly all you could want from a bronzer.

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