Let's Dish: Using Makeup Products For Alternative Uses

My Naked Palette 3 is a superhero. It can do anything. Sure, it belongs to Urban Decay's famous Naked collection and the lovely shades inside are supposed to go on your eyelids but last Friday I used it all over my face.

naked 3

I always bring a huge bag around with me for all the necessary, eh, crap I carry around with me. I need my book in case I end up waiting for someone I'd planned to meet. I have to bring flats with me in case I don't have enough change for a taxi and there's no way I can leave my makeup bag behind! No. Way!

Except of course I left everything behind last Friday. I had planned on having a QNI with a takeaway and glass of wine and Netflix so I brought only my purse and phone with me on purpose, but I was reeled in by the girls to go out.

I always keep a spare concealer on my desk for touch ups during the day so at least my blemishes would be covered but what about the rest of me?

iStock_000014689849XSmall (1)



Lightbulb ding sound - my Naked Palette!

They only reason it wasn't at home is that I wanted to finish another palette first and I knew I'd be tempted if this lived in my Boudoir. But that day was the day it would be delved into. 

Obviously the first thing I did was to use it for its original purpose, on my eyes. Then I applied the darker browns on my eye-brows. After that, get this, I used one of the shades under my cheekbones as a contour aid and, on a roll, I used a lighter shade as a highlighter on the apple of my cheeks. See ya Friday evening dark circles! I actually also used the same shade around the two hideous pimples that had sprung up. (Don't worry, I thoroughly cleansed my face that night.)

I began to think of the '90s makeup revival and almost mixed one of medium browns with Vaseline to use as a lipliner but I stopped short. But my Naked 3 was all over my face! Naked 3 is a bit shimmery so I think the Naked Basics would suit this function better but it sure got me out of a beauty bind this time. 


So...do you do this kind of thing regularly? Do you have an item of makeup that's meant for one thing but you use it for another? Did you have a beauty lightbulb moment when you were caught short one time? Let's dish!


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