Let's talk about Lidl perfume and aftershave: Suddenly Madame Glamour and X Bolt for men on shelves today

It's a well known fact in cosmetic circles that almost every perfume costs about 5 cents to make.  Honestly.  The mark up on perfume is massive and that's why every celebrity rushes to churn out as many as possible.  But it's not just celebrity perfume that's cheap to make - it's all of them.  That €70 bottle of perfume you just bought?  5 cents to make.  Or thereabouts.  Maybe even rising to a phenomenal ten or fifteen?

Ok so my figures may not be strictly accurate - but the point I'm making is the honest truth. Perfume is really really, really cheap to produce.  How else does a well known cosmetic brand produce ridiculously expensive perfumes with multi million ad campaigns (Read Who said Chanel take themselves too seriously? The Brad Pitt ad is the best laugh ever) and still turn a whopping profit?

Of course I'm talking about Chanel.  Well I kind of gave that away in the link above didn't I?  But possibly their snobby grip on the perfume market may be loosening in Recession Ireland.  In blind tests last year  Newstalk and Today FM rated Lidl's Suddenly Madame Glamour above Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.

Not only could participants not tell the difference between the eyewateringly expensive Chanel brand and the cheapo Lidl offering - they actually preferred the Lidl scent.

And loads of other tests and surveys found the same thing happening.  Cue stampedes to the shelves of Lidl (remember in Ireland we pronounce that to rhyme with "piddle" - none of your fancy Lee-dill for us) and an instant sell out of the fragrance (read our review of it here).


It's back again this Christmas - Suddenly Madame Glamour (€3.49 50ml) and Body Lotion and Shower Gel Gift Sets (€5.99) are on shelves right now.  And they won't hang around if last year was anything to go by - so forget your inner perfume snob, squeeze your eyes shut and go grab some! It smells great to be honest and if you like scents like Mademoiselle you will love this.  Honest injun.

And to go for gold Lidl decided to see if they could replicate the success with a mens scent.  And guess what?  They did it.  Again in blind tests X Bolt scored above Hugo Boss, David Beckham, Dior and D&G for men.

X Bolt (3.99 50ml) is being loaded onto shelves today in your local Lidl.  Go go go!




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