Liner Love: A MAC Dupe That's So Cheap, Well, It'd be Rude Not To...

A good nude lip liner should be a makeup bag staple really. While some makeup artists advise matching your liner to your lipstick, you can almost always get away with a nude one instead.

As well as keeping your lip colour where it should be, and not feathering into the fine lines around your lips, liner is also very good at keeping colour on your lips for longer. Plus, by filling in the entire lip with liner before applying your lippie, you’ll avoid that dreaded all-liner-no-lipstick-left look a few hours later.

MAC’s famed Spice lip pencil (€16.50) has long been hailed as the experts’ favourite. It’s a universal shade and tends to suit most people. A whole lot cheaper is the Make Up Gallery Pout It Out Lip Liner in Nude from Dealz! Yes, Dealz.


When the makeup line from the cheap-as-chips store hit my desk, I will admit to being sceptical (everything’s €1.49, how good can it be?) but Vogue went mad for it and beauty pros have been telling me some of the products are brilliant.


I’ve yet to have a proper go of the products myself but this liner is a great buy. It’s a wee bit drying, I found, but for a shade match and an extremely affordable daily basic, it’s fab.

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Will you be heading down the budget store and adding this bad boy to your makeup collection?

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