Liquid Gold: Orofluido Oil

Earlier this week I waxed lyrical about Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue, a wünder-oil I use pre-wash as a lazy-ass conditioner. But oils are quite literally everywhere in the beautysphere these days and when we're not washing our faces or moisturising with them, we're lashing them into the bathwater or using them in our gruaig to make it nice and glam.

Which is where Orofluido Oil, €22, comes in. Containing cyprus essential oil (Cleopatra was a fan, appara) plus linseed and argan oils, it's designed to add shine, seal in moisture, protect from humidity, smooth follicles, improve elasticity, soothe itchy scalps and nourish. It also makes the dinner and washes up afterwards.*

I can't say whether the claims are true-facts as I haven't checked it out yet, but there's one more thing that's of immediate note: the brand say that it helps cut down on blow drying time by as much as 20%. Interested? You'll find it at salons nationwide from February, call 01 886 9300 for one near you.


*It might not do the last two things.

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