Look into my eyes: breast enlargement is all in the mind. WTF?


Alakazam! By the power of your mind alone you WILL go from a B to a DD cup!

Yes hypnosis can make your boobs grow, didn't you know? And there's a plethora of mind benders willing to sell you CDs and give you "advice" over the Internet to make it happen for you. Why it sounds so simple.

One such site claims that: All the genetic and environmental factors that influenced the growth of your breasts are also part of the blueprint your hold in your subconscious mind. With the help of hypnosis you can effortlessly change this blueprint. You can impress the image of the breasts you desire upon your subconscious and watch your breasts gradually become just the way you want them.

So in other words - all that happened when you were growing up was not longing for big huge baps hard enough. You must now unlock the power of your subconscious by buying subliminal CDs and they'll start to grow again. Bingo.

Now I'll OMG with the best of them (totally ironic roysh), but when I heard about boob hypnosis there really was only one succinct summation of my thoughts and that was of course: FFS.


I'm not a huge fan of Interweb type abbreviations but I can see that they have their uses. Narrowly missing out on a highly prized LOL tshirt at the Web Awards on Saturday, Rick kindly threw me a ROTFL emblazoned one instead. Hurrah!

So now tell us. Are you tempted to start growing big bosoms through mind power - or are you thinking FFS

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