Le Correcteur True Match Concealer

It's concealing season, partially because evening makeup is the norm for Christmas parties, and necessitates clear skin. It's also necessary after Christmas, when the litre of cream and pound of Roses you ate might start showing in the quality of your skin.

And yes, we could just not eat the goodies, but frankly, I don't even consider that an option.


This True match concealer from L'oréal offers genuinely great coverage and comes in four gratifyingly pale shades! At last, one for the pale folks. But it isn't limited to pale folks - as a blemish cover, it is incredibly effective on pale skin, but it works wonderfully as a way of reverse contouring.

Using a light shade like this as a highlighter under the eyes, down the nose and on the brow bones will give you a contoured look that's subtle enough for day. I love these crayons!



The shade I'm using is Ivory 10, the lightest offering.

At €10.49, this will last forever, cover blemishes for the paler among us and highlight for everyone else. It's great as an undereye concealer too, but blends best with a warm finger.

Have you tried it? What's your Holy Grail concealer? Tell us in the comments!

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