L'Oreal Professionel Série Expert Power Clear

Loreal shampoo

Haircare-related shennanigans are on my mind this week, and that's prompted me to tell you about a little something himself has been trialling recently.

Living with a man devoted to Head and Shoulders ain't easy. The one I'd like him to use (for those occasional times I'd take a swipe of it - Damage Rescue) is the one he won't, deeming it to be too girly. And normally when I get him to check out a new Proper Manly Shampoo (PMS! Ha ha!), I get it handed back to me after two days with a shake of the head. Himself is a man who doesn't waste words.

I noticed though that he's almost at the end of a recent L'Oreal Professionel launch, Série Expert Power Clear. Like Vichy's new Dercos line, selenium is the ingredient of choice in this treatment product. Designed for use over a period of four weeks, after which you switch to their Instant Clear shampoo to maintain your flake-free status, L'Oreal say this works from day one. I think they're right - usually I quite quickly get 're-gifted' products as he's noticed a return of flakes - that hasn't happened with this, so I hereby bestow upon it a hearty thumbs up.


Of course, this isn't the sole province of the guys - if you're battling an itchy, flaky scalp then you're likely to see just as many benefits. €12.70 is the damage, and you'll find the product at L'Oreal salons nationwide.

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