Lush Get Us All Loved Up With Massage Bars And Bath Bombs, Partners Optional. Review, Pics

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day comes around every year and so does Lush's Limited Edition Valentine's Day edit.

This year sees them inspired by 80s music and movies as well as old fashioned sweets. And really, the great thing about Lush's products is that they make the perfect self-gift. So even if you don't have plans or someone to share the day with, you can always treat yourself to a luxurious bath with these new bits and give yourself a little self-love. In the words of RuPaul, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!

Neon Love Soap, Close To You Neon Love Soap, Close To You
  • First up is the Neon Love Soap (€5.50 per 100g). This pinky-red soap features small white heart shapes hidden in the slices . It's is a concoction of fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yogurt to smooth and nourish skin, and it smells incredible. While I wasn't too impressed when I took a sniff of the bar but when I lathered it up, I fell in love with the fruity smell that didn't veer into too-sweet territory. It also contains bergamot and rosewood but it was really the figs that took over the fragrance. It features tiny little fig seeds in it too which help to work as a gentle exfoliant.
  • Next up is the Close To You Massage Bar (€6.95) which was inspired by everyone's favourite biccie - the jammy dodger. This pink bar contains white fondant inside the heart shape which is even more moisturising than the bar itself. It contains Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute which gives it a sweet scent and I found this melted dreamily into the skin. A perfect gift for your other half who can then use it on you!

Tender Is The Night, Love Locket Tender Is The Night, Love Locket
  • Another limited edition Massage Bar is Tender Is The Night (€8.50). This contains a blend of essential oils - including yang yang, vanilla and jasmine - which gives it its heady aroma. And both bars are made up of murumuru and shea butters which give them their unique melting formula as well as helping to lock in moisture.
  • Then there is the giant Love Locket bath bomb (€8.95). The price is a little cringe-worthy but it will do you for (at least) three baths. Simply smash it in two and inside you will find another, smaller heart-shaped bath bomb. Mixed into your bath, this turns the water candy pink and contains tons of glitter and paper love heart confetti. This features neroli oil, vanilla and jasmine and smells gorgeous. This is definitely the most fun of the lot.

The Kiss, Prince Charming The Kiss, Prince Charming
  • Of course, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a lip balm. (Here are some of our other favourites!) The Kiss (€7.20) contains shea and cupuacu butter to keep lips supple, soft and most importantly, kissable. It also adds a touch of pink to the lips which is easy to apply even without the aid of a mirror - perfect for a cinema date scenario!
  • I left my favourite until last, meet Prince Charming (Between €6.70 and €20.95) This shower gel contains marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and pomegranate juice to leave your skin silky soft. It also features grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils to give it its incredible scent. The fragrance is gorgeous and far more grown up than Christmas's super sweet Snow Fairy which I am not a fan of. Pomegranate gives skin a really good cleanse but is also seen as a symbol of fertility in some cultures because of its seeds! Wahey! If you're gonna have a sniff of one thing in this collection, I recommend this one.

Lots of Love Lots of Love

Of course, they also offer a range of gift boxes ranging from the two product Toucan Love with its gorgeous tropical toucan print paper to the fabulous Love Heart-inspired Lots of Love box (€33.50).

What do you think? Fancy anything in this collection? (Fancy, geddit?) And are you a fan of the old self-gifting?

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