Makeup Brushes: How Do You Clean Yours?

We were chatting during one of our bi-hourly tea break in Beaut HQ the other day when someone raised an interesting subject: makeup brushes - the cleaning issue and methods.

One of us (naming no names, pointing no fingers) is very, very lax when it comes to makeup brush maintenance, which came has a horrifying surprise to the other, more, we'll say,  health conscious Beauts.

'But the BACTERIA!' said one. 'The mess!' said another. 'The shame.' said I - I mean, that dirty Miss.

makeup brushes

So, we had to share our tips! One technique is to run your brush under running water, gently squeezing the hairs to get rid of the yukky gunk. When it looks as though the excess has been washed out, the next step would be to soak the brush in a mild shampoo for a while, then let it air dry.

However, when your brushes have been soaked in heavy duty foundations and powders for longer than you would care to admit, well, that's just a big, fat waste of precious water!


There are specially formulated make-up brush cleaners out there but maybe they are a bit of a waste of money when mild shampoo seems to do the trick?

The other solution of course is to just throw your brushes away when they no longer pass muster but that, my friends, is the biggest waste of all!

Please share your technique. We want to know how often you clean, how long it takes, the length of time it takes them to dry - EVERYTHING! Let the commenting begin!


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