Real men wear... er, Touche Éclat, apparently.


At the very least, your fella probably uses some class of shaving unction when he's slicing any beardiness off his mush. It's likely that he also uses a moisturiser - one that some clever advertising type has given a name that's as un-girly as possible created especially for tough manly skin, of course. And you're probably happy that he's doing that bit of looking after himself (even if you get a teeny bit annoyed that now his skin will age even feckin' better than it would have without any products. Bah.)

Do you think there's any chance of him taking it few steps further?

Kirstie's posted before about 4voo, who produce a whole plethora of cosmetics for blokes - but although they do ship internationally, they're a Canadian company so you might feel that your fella is safe from their clutches. Not exactly: the male grooming industry is worth a whopping €800 million in the UK and while man make-up on this side of the pond might previously have been the preserve of drag queens, rawk stars, emo boys and Bertie, cosmetics producers reckon the time is nigh when the non-sequin-wearing ornery man on the street will be surreptitiously applying a bit of slap before he leaves the house. British company Taxi Cosmetics London are bringing out a men's range that will include 'guyliner' and 'manscara' as well as lip balm and concealer.


We've come a long way from the time when using a bit of spit-on tissue to clean off the cow shite that had just been flicked at his cheek by a wayward tail was the extent of an Irish man's grooming habit...

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