We need emergency face masks after party week

SOS! We've been partying hard for a month now and our skin is absolutely wrecked. We need emergency face masks to revive it.

The silly season wreaks havoc with our skin. There are just too many factors affecting it for it not to see some changes. Firstly, with a daily routine out of the ordinary, our skincare routine tends to suffer. Usually, you have a morning skin ritual and an evening one. Where you might normally spend half an hour a day cleansing, toning, treating and exfoliating we tend to neglect that routine over Christmas. If you've neglected your skincare routine and can't afford to fork out on a facial, you need emergency face masks to put your skin back together.

emergency face masks new years eve

Attention to detail


You might usually double cleanse every night before bed you are probably not giving yourself that time and attention regularly. Then if you have a good routine you probably apply serums, eye cream and night cream. If you're really into your skincare you probably use an exfoliating treatment or a mask a couple of nights a week. It's generally the evening routine that suffers. With Christmas parties, late night working and all the social commitments we are falling into bed and not spending the same time on our skincare.

If your skin is suffering from the lack of attention you need to get an emergency face mask to revive it. There are certain things to look for in a quick fix face mask. Key ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Hyaluronic Acid is extremely hydrating. It's naturally occurring in our bodies which means we are very receptive to it. When applied to the face it absorbs quickly. It plumps out your skin to reduce the appearance of dehydration lines. Vitamin C will help to even out the redness that appears in your skin from consuming excess sugar and alcohol. It's a great ingredient for evening out skin tone. Finally Vitamin E is intensely hydrating and repairing. I like to call it the ER ingredient, for when your skin needs serious TLC. It soothes irritated skin and skin damaged from external factors and free radicals in the air.

For the ultimate skin rescue service get an overnight perfecting mask. That way you can sleep in it and your skin will soak in the mask while it repairs itself while you sleep. Have you noticed a deterioration in your skin over the festive season?

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