Manscara - Would Ya?

makeup for men

Twenty Major lamented the rise of male grooming yesterday. Shaking his beardy head in dismay, he growled, "If this continues we’ll have stuff like Manscara on the shelves and then where would we be?"

Where indeed, Mr Major? How about here -, a website that sells skin care and cosmetics for the 'distinct man'. So, what does this distinct man like? silk-enriched shine-reducing powder; confidence corrector; lip maximizing serum and lash and brow styling glaze, it seems.

In woman-speak, that translates as: pressed powder; concealer; lip plump and mascara. Jaysis lads, we never knew yiz had it in you!


So girls, what I want to know is this - how would you feel if you opened your fella's bathroom cabinet and some silk-enriched tinted shimmer fell out? Don't be backwards in coming forwards, now!

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