Mask of Magnaminty

mask of magnamintyLush's Mask of Magnaminty is a 'Big Green Giant of a Face and Back Pack' and yup, indeed it is Incredible Hulk shaded. It also smells like a mint Choc-ice. Yum!

Like any mask, you slather it on, avoiding the eye area. It's ever so slightly messy and tricky to apply smoothly because it's full of little gudgy bits, but once you've gotten a good coverage, you leave it to dry. You then wander into the living room and endure jokes about looking like Shrek (of course the obvious rejoinder here would be to say something about Donkey, but hey, I'm not that mean) until it's time to wash it off again.

It's also a little tricky to get back off, it takes a good few passes with a face cloth to remove it all, but it does leave skin feeling super smooth and refreshed. I'm a firm fan. And an added, if unintentional bonus, is that due to the mint in the formulation, it's a great sinus clearer too.


You'll get Mask of Magnminty in Lush stores and 125g will set you back about a fiver.

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