Meghan Markle's favourite lipstick is a suits-everyone fave

Oh, Meghan Markle. Do you even know the power you hold over our wallets now?

Every last person on earth - yes, even your Grandad and his bar buddy - is obsessed with Megan Markle's look. From her cute freckles to her messy-but-not-really bun, we're into it. The soon-to-be royal wants to be the next Diana, according to the headline on some unreliable trashy mag I saw in Tesco yesterday. And if that means being a style and beauty icon, well, she's on her way. (Let's hope an unhappy marriage and eating disorder don't follow. *insert speak no evil monkey emoji here*)

According to, Meghan wears a British brand on her lips. It's a Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Very Victoria, not named for the Grandmother of Europe, unfortch, but for potential May 19th wedding guest Victoria Beckham. It's a cool-toned 'suede taupe nude' shade, which is kind of suits everyone and sorry if the hype has caught us but we want it on our smackers immediately. (By the way, did you know that CT has a nifty feature on its website where you can see what a certain shade of lipstick looks like on your skin tone? See if Very Victoria suits you!)

charlotte tilburry matte revolution very victoria meghan markle


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria €30

If you want a Meghan Markle beauty trick FOR FREE, People report in the same post that her hair stylist on the Suits set instructed her to bend forward and 'flip back hard' to give her hair a 'little extra bounce.' So, what'll it be? A €30 dent in your bank account or whiplash? You decide.

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