Men Think Concept of Fragrance Wardrobe Insane. Fact

"How come you're not using your new Tom Ford Grey Vetiver," I queried of Himself recently. "Oh," he said, explaining, "see I'm using up the other bottle of Tom Ford first." "Oh right," says I, knowing he has a bathroom cabinet stuffed to the gunwhales with scent,  "you know you don't have to finish one before you start another?" I elaborated: "you can, y'know, use them all on different days, or nights. Depending on your mood, like, or what you're wearing." "What!?" he said, "what are you on about?"

I thought I'd educate him, ladies, so I enthusiastically explained the concept of a fragrance wardrobe. He was doing the ironing at the time and the look on his face as he glanced up from smoothing a collar was a picture.  Similar, in fact, to the time I idly mentioned, while reading Sunday supplements, that Marni was "my new style crush." He was heard about the flat for days after saying "my new style crush" in a mimic-y voice and then hooting with laughter.

It's safe to say the concept of the fragrance wardrobe didn't pass muster, so.  And yeah ok, it is a bit silly, but it also is a VG way of fooling self into it being ok to continually buy millions of new bottles of scent, BECAUSE THEY'RE FOR MY FRAGRANCE WARDROBE, DUH.


What do you reckon? Fragrance wardrobe = total load of marketing-speak cobblers or a really great beauty concept? To the comments!

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