Totally Tubular: ModelCo Cheek and Lip Tint

The tan's not new and in fact we went to town loving it last year, but what is boxfresh from Aussie brand ModelCo is the launch of their cosmetics line into Irish stores. It's been available down under for yonks, but is gracing us in all its pink glory now too.

I was sent a couple of bits to check out, including this very cute-looking Cheek + Lip Tint, €18. Terrifying-looking in the tube and when you initially dab it onto skin, it's actually disappointingly subtle when you smooth it out - though a note of warning, you're advised to pat, not rub, it into skin.

I didn't find it enough for my colour-loving ways despite liking the water-based texture, so if you're not a fan of silicones and you like a very sheer, low-key result, then this may be a good pick for a 'my first stain' kinda thing. On the cheeks, the patting thing is a bit of a pain to get a decent-looking rosy blush - and the pay-off's not worth it anyhow - but the stain is nice on the lips. Plus it smells absolutely delicious, like yummy sweets.


See a blended-out swatch of the wee blob above after the cut.

model co stain

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