Models Own Lip and Cheek Tint: Horrible Tale Of Some Wagon Using it Before me

models own

I'm really liking Models Own recently: the polishes are great but I didn't know too much about the makeup, so when I was in Boots in the Stephen's Green Centre recently, I picked up a couple of bits, one of which was the Lip and Cheek Tint. I love a tint, me, and thought this could make a good substitute for the much more expensive Benetint by Benefit.

When I got to the till, something was up with the barcode of the one I'd chosen and it wouldn't scan, so the assistant went off to the stand to pick up a replacement. Grand, fine.

I forgot about my purchases for a few days but finally gave Lip and Cheek Tint a whirl one morning before work. I like tints under lipstick - they give you some extra colour and a bit more longevity so they're a good pick for a day at the office. Opening the bottle and taking out the wand, some sort of odd stringy stuff was hanging off it. Weird, I thought, but reckoned it must be that the brush fibres hadn't been snipped properly so I pulled off the stringy bit - which was kind of sticky - and set to work.

models own

It wasn't till I took a closer look inside the cap that I realised what had happened. Y'see, this bottle had quite clearly been opened. Many times, I'd say. And my best guess is that someone wearing a lot of gloopy lipgloss was one of those who broke and entered.


And then applied it to her lips. OVER THE GLOSS.

Hence the stringy, sticky bits left on the brush.

CSI-3d-reconstruction-stylee, this scenario unfurled in my mind as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and my gag reflex simultaneously kicked in.


If I was ever cross about pharmacies Sellotaping caps and tubes in place then hey, I'm not now. This actually made me feel sick to my stomach and needless to say, the poor innocent product - which had done absolutely no wrong - is now in the bin post-photo.


I still feel ill thinking about it. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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