Modern conundrum: should I Wax my Hoo Haa? Or is it ok to have a Furry Gee Like Harry Potter Says?

Women of the World.  I feel I must take to the modern information superhighway to state a fact.  A bald fact if you will (sorry).   I will use all the authoritay vested in me by to tell you this, because I can't tell you how many times I've been asked.

The fashion for Brazilians, Hollywood waxes and vajazzaling is only that - a fashion.  It was born of the porn industry and the need to see every er, bit of the action at all times.  A furry gee would obstruct the camera angles.

 mammy says



Bush-based spreads from the first book (the PINK one), Guide to Gorgeous 

 And so, as access to porn is so freely available (because of this selfsame superhighway natch), there are worries that a generation of men have grown up who expect every woman they intimately encounter to be waxed like a bald egg.


THESE WORRIES ARE MADE UP.  By the media.  On slow news days.

You are an adult women.  Adult men know what to expect (and if they don't they can ask their Mammy for a copy of Puberty for Beginners).  You should in no way feel inadequate if this fashion is not for you.

Accio bush!

The tide it is a turnin'.  And when Daniel Radcliffe said last week   "I don't like girls with nothing down there either. It freaks me out. You have to have something, otherwise it's f****** creepy." I thought: good for you, you fine chap.

So the answer is no.  There is no need to be waxing your fandango - unless you actually want to (read tips for a less painful experience).  And/or are starring in a porn film.  You must stay true to yourself and if you can't take the two weeks of itchy regrowth or the disturbing feeling that there's a Hitler moustache residing in your knickers then so be it.  Keeping it neat and tidy is enough for most women.  Don't worry if your fella thought he was starring in his very own porn life.  He's not.

It's fine.  He'll get over it.


Now over to you.  Where do you stand on this whole issue?

image via msn

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