Money no Object: Sisley's New Eau de Sisley Fragrances

sisley fragrances

At €110, Sisley's newest fragrance launches are certainly not cheap. But then, this is not a brand with a low price-point anyway, and you're paying for all that lovely French aristocratic heritage plus the chance to own something exclusive and beautifully formulated. If you care about the calibre of your bathroom cabinet, well then - these things are important.

Their skincare I ration, to eke it out, and while I'm not a big fan of the brand's other fragrances like Eau de Soir, finding them to be too old for me, there's one scent in the new Eau de Sisley trio I think is a real departure. (Should that be eaux or eau? EAUX NO! I'm not sure!)

Like sunshine and lolly pops, 2 is perfect for hot summer days, and contains cardamom, bergamot and basil, white floral middle notes dancing on a base of vetiver and patchouli. Gorgeous. For light, fresh fragrance fans, this'll be a hit, and the price is tempered by the fact that there's a generous 100ml in each flacon. Also, while Sisley have upped their prices in the UK recently, they didn't make an upward adjustment here, to try to address the Euro/Sterling differential. More brands, please take note.


If you missed Mother's Day then this is the perfect make-up treat, and of course, if you just want to spoil yourself then hey, I'd say go right ahead. You'll find the trio on counter now at Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork.

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