More Hateful Heel Remedies

gorgeous feet

SJP's mole left a glowing personal recommendation for Boots Gorgeous Feet Amazing Anti-Rub in the post about Hateful Heels yesterday. So what is this stuff, and why does she love it so?

Boots say that it's an amazing anti-rub product that "helps prevent blisters and chafing from shoes. The invisible, non-greasy formula stops rubbing instantly". But what does a real life person have to say? "It’s great stuff, I’ve been using it a lot", raved SJP's Mole.

She told us some more about how to use it -"you put it on before you put on sandals or flip-flops and let it sink in for a minute and it means you don’t get blisters. You still get sore feet, and the skin will still go red, but it won’t blister or cut or feel like there’s razor blades in your shoes and that’s the difference".


Sounds ace! Buy from Boots for about €6.

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