Nars Dual Intensity Blushes - Nothing Short of Glorious

Nars is my favourite brand. The slightly out there colours and campaign imagery really appeal to the makeup artist in me. I often wonder, though, what other women - who love makeup but aren't as interested in experimental stuff - feel about the brand. Do tell us in the comments - I'd really love to know.

Nars is - in my opinion - the most intelligent department store makeup brand available today. No product is just good for one job, and though the shades and formulations can often look a little too vibrant or strange when you first encounter them, they are always incredibly adaptable and wearable.

There is a risk that you'd walk up to the Nars counter, see a lot of strange colours, and walk away thinking that your just wouldn't know what to do with them, but if you persevere and try the products on the skin, you will see what I mean. Even the most shocking blush colours can be subtly wearable if you just add a touch to your cheeks, and the Nars foundations are excellent.

nars_dual-intensity_blushes Clockwise from top left: Adoration, Craving, Jubilation, Frenzy, Fervor, Panic

This new offering from Nars is nothing short of glorious. As usual, you might look at the products and feel a bit uncertain, but give them a swatch before you decide they aren't for you! When I first saw them, I wasn't sure what to do with them. Some look like strangely coloured blushes with a highlighter shade on the left. Others look like two blushes. A lot of the colours look slightly odd or overly intense, but these are supremely wearable.


Left to Right: Adoration, Craving Left to Right: Adoration, Craving. Both are swatched dry.

 I have two to show you - Adoration, a slightly strange looking combo of pinks, and Craving, a highlight and bronzer combo that's probably the most obviously wearable shade of the six.

Adoration contains a pearlescent soft pink highlight that will work as a blush or a highlight, and a shockingly pigmented hot pink. This product packs serious punch, so apply very sparingly and buff like crazy for a gorgeously natural looking flush.

Craving is possibly my favourite. The silvery highlight shade is beyond perfect, giving a soft, glowy finish to the high points of the face. If you want to amp it up to create positively glossy looking skin, spritz your brush with water or a facial spray before applying the product. I've never encountered a highlighter that intensifies quite so strongly when wet, and the effect is sublime. Wear it dry for subtlety, wear it wet for drama. The same goes for the deeper shades. The darker shade in the craving palette is the perfect sunkissed glow. Amp it up by wearing it wet, or wear it subtly by applying it dry.


The Nars Dual-Intensity Blush is Available from May 1st at €39. That's not cheap, but you are getting two products for your money, and if you love and wear both, then it's worth it!

Do you like the look of these? Will you be heading in for a look when they hit counters? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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