Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit - Have You Tried It?

With all the brouhaha with Roja Dove and all that (psst: the winner is in the forums, go and read her perfume-snaffling Limerick) we kinda sidelined the reason why the fragrance maestro was in the capital in the first place.

It was for Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit. It's the brand's newest blemish-fighter and contains that all-important pore-scruffing salicylic acid as well as their own Microclear technology which whizzes in after pores are exfoliated to help prevent spots from forming anew.  Well priced at €5.49 each for the cleanser and scrub, these products are aimed at teenagers and twenty-somethings - or really anyone who finds they're prone to breakouts.

At the time, reader Breige had had a go: "I used a sample of the face wash and I must say I like it so far," was her input, but now that the line has been available for a few weeks, we want to know are any of you using the products and if so, how are you finding them?


To the comments!

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