New Fashion Week horror: blue lipliner

One thing we LOVE and I mean LOVE about the Fashion Week looks is the sheer madness of many of them.

Of course lots are tame and pretty, but shame on us we tend to show you the hilarious ones.  So far we've had headband zippers (which I actually did like), duct tape hair partings, bed head couture and although it had nothing really to do with Fashion Week, Chris Brown and his totes tasteless Mac tattoo.

But this one I think takes the biscuit in terms of HORROR and frightfulness.

Do you remember the time during the Eighties/Nineties when lipliner darker than your lipstick was hotter than hot?  That look died a death thank goodness - but could it be due a revival?  Yes, I know it's an editorial look - but you know as well as I do that these things have a habit of filtering down.


Feast your eyes on this little beauty from the MAC Henry Holland Show and tell me you don't love it.  Tell me you can't see yourself wearing it to work.

Tell me... oh bloody hell tell me what you really think!



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