New from NYC: Blushable Creme Stick, Individual Eyes Palettes & Lashes + Nothing's Over €3.99!

NYC indvidual eyes palette for blue eyes

Three pieces of cool news about NYC for you lot today:

  1. They have some new products launching right about now, a couple of which US bloggers have been sickening us about for some time, like the Blushable Creme Sticks and Individual Eyes Palettes
  2. The Individual Eyes Palettes are only launching in Ireland, fact fans - the UK and Europe ain't getting their mitts on these babies
  3. Nothing, and I mean nothing, costs over €3.99
  4. Yup, €3.99

Ok, that was four things, though technically the last point pertained to the third, so you'll cut me some slack.

Lets take a look at the newness, shall we? Above is one of three Individual Eyes Palettes for blue, green and brown eyes and each contains four shadows in a mix of textures plus a primer and creme illuminator. For Three. Ninety. Nine.  So if Smashbox's much more spendy Photo Op palettes along the same lines were too rich for your blood then hey - here's the budget version.

I've not had time to swatch yet but have poked my paws in to them and they're medium pigmented and really damn well configured for the price. Take a look at the in-store - plus NYC is now available at Penneys on Henry St, bargain-hunting fact fans.

nyc individual eyes palette

And the green eyes offering. Nice, eh?

NYC Blushable creme stick

Here's something loads of bloggers (Hiya Actionmags!) have wanted NYC to launch here for ages. They're the Blushable Creme Sticks, they're €3.49 and we're getting two shades, Big Apple Blush and Plaza Pink. Both of these are those kind of peachy-coraly shades that suit a Celtic skintone well - so these'll go down well with us Irish gals.

NYC party lashes


There are three new party lashes in-coming too - Shu Uemura, eat your heart out, cos these babies are €3.99 each.

NYC Glitter eye pencils

And there are four Show Time Glitter Eyeliners launching too - I neglected to get a price for these but hey - they're not gonna be more than €3.99, eh?

Now, here's where budget buys often fall down: in the using. It's all very well snapping up three things for a tenner but if they don't perform then there's really not a lot of point. How does NYC fare under the makeup artist test? The brand had artist Sarah Jane Wai O'Flynn on hand to demo her skills on Fade Street's Louise Johnston.

NYC makeup look

NYC eyes look

It's mostly all about the eyes here and Louise has great shadow eyes, handily. Sarah Jane used the NYC Metro Quartet in Union Square as well as two of the Sparkle Eye Dusts plus a set of lashes and the Auto Eye Pencil in black.  Cheeks are courtesy of the new Blushable Creme Stick and lips are kept fairly bare with just a slick of Kiss Gloss.

nyc eyes

nyc products

And here's what you'll need. Simple - and cheap!


Whaddya reckon? Will you be picking up anything?


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