The ingredients in this beloved mascara have changed

You have found a product you love and you consistently buy it. Sure, there have been times when you have cheated on it over the years with other products, but it never worked out with them. You always came back to your good old reliable.

Then one day, you buy it and it's not the same. They have changed at least one of the ingredients which may not sound like much, but it's actually a game changer.

It offends me when a brand you have been buying for years changes their ingredients and no one tells you. My most recent encounter with this is with YSL.  Let me tell you about the last time I went into a very well known department store to purchase my favourite mascara of all time...

  • YSL Volumise 


Yes, at €32.50 it's ridiculously over-priced for a mascara, and you only get two months out of it before it goes really tacky and clumpy, but it always made my lashes look so long, voluminous and good, I felt I needed to treat myself.


The day after I last bought it, delighted with myself, I went to apply it. (Nothing quite gets me up in the morning like the feeling of a having a new makeup product to try.) Anyway, as I put on my new, but tried and tested mascara, that happy feeling slowly started to dwindle. It just wasn't going on the same way as it usually did. I put it down to perhaps getting moisturiser on my lashes or my rushed application that morning, but the same thing happened the next day.

For peace of mind mainly, I was passing said department store later that day, and I decided to go in and ask. The sales guy explained how YSL had recently, "added four sensuous oils; the formula leaves lashes more flexible, lengthened and feel more durable and supple".

Yeah, that was not the effect I got at all, in fact, it weighed down my lashes, and made them stick together. I am so upset that they changed the ingredients in one of my old time favourite products. At least, if I had been made aware of this before I bought it I could have made an educated decision not to.

Bring back the old YSL formula I say.

Did this ever happen to you? What are your pet make up peeves?

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