New from NYC: eyeshadows, mascara, liquid liner, nailvarnishes

Want to have a quick peek at what's brand new from ultra budget brand NYC?  Course you do.

It's one of the most overused phrases in the lexicon - but NYC is absolutely and utterly AS CHEAP AS CHIPS!

Everything you see here costs €2-€3 (except for the eyeshadow quads which are a wallet busting €3.49.)


Here's another look at those quads.  The pigmentation and longevity isn't as good as you'd expect from a more expensive brand - but you're not buying a more expensive brand, so to even compare the two would be silly.  As Dad would say - what do you want for €3.49 - your money back?

I've already given you a look at the glow in the dark Halloween topcoat - so what do you think?  Will you be making a little purchase of any of these goodies?


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