NEW! Lancôme Limited Edition Star Bronzer. We're in LOVE

So look - not to brag, but I have a pretty brilliant job. The volume of lovely things that passes through Beaut HQ on a daily basis is the stuff of dreams for a cosmetics geek like me. We pick glitter out of our tea at elevenses and everyone smells amazing. Need some hairspray? I have eleven cans on my desk.

However, when you see as many products as we do, you get a hint of the grizzled veteran about you, and find yourself saying things like "All these new fangled serums. We had REAL serums in my day" which is something you shouldn't really say under the age of eighty, or possibly ever.


But oh, all my cynicism just died the other day when I found this beauty in my mitts. I clutched it tightly, and declared inwardly that no one was never, ever having it back while eyeing EVERYONE suspiciously. Which was vastly inappropriate, because nobody asked me to give it back and they're all actually very nice.

This glorious product will release your inner greedy freak. I have not encountered such a beautiful thing in YEARS. I'm thinking of dumping Himself just so I can spend more time with it. "You see, I've met this bronzer. It just gets me, y'know? Sorry."

Lancome B1

It is... Lancome's new limited edition Star Bronzer in Golden Riviera, and you can't have it because I'm saving up to buy all the ones in Ireland.

As you might know, I'm pale pale pale, and happy with it. I never really use bronzers because I'm not bothered about looking tanned. If I were, I'd be a mucky shade of tangerine due to the lack of bronzers for pale folks. But I can use this! A light sweep of this gorgebag (who says that's not a word?) bronzer on the high points of my face, and I don't look dirty - it just gives the subtle glow of outdoorsiness.


Aside from the fact that this is great for almost all skin tones, it just looks so beautiful. The big, clunky packaging is somehow elegant and chic while really protecting the precious wonder inside. The bronzer itself is not too orange and the spray of soft gold graduating out from the central rose motif actually makes this product look lit from within. It's just. So. Pretty.

Also, since this is for face and body, it's nearly as big as your head! Need proof? Look!

Lancome B2 Left: It's almost as big as your head. I TOLD you! Right: Wearing the bronzer

This is your one stop shop this summer for bronzed and beautiful, radiantly glowy skin. Lace it onto forehead, cheekbones, nose and shoulders for a really bronzed look, or dust it lightly to adapt your winter foundation to summer. God, I love this. Can you tell?

For an extremely sun conscious person like me who avoids the sun and wears SPF every day, it allows me to pretend that brown is a colour I go! Instead of red, that is. I could pretend I've been up to all sorts of outdoor japes and larks like picnics and birdwatching and the like!

Star Bronzer in Golden Riviera is part of Lancome's French Riviera summer collection and will cost you €45. Sure , that's pricey, but it's as big as your head!


Do you like the look of this? Will you be investing?

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