New L'Oreal Range

demaqHave you all seen this new makeup removal range L'Oreal are heavily advertising at the moment? De-maq Expert Milk to Toner claims to transfer from a milk to a clear toner, according to the ad.

BUT HOW!? Anyone tried it yet? Does it do what it says on de tin, and is it good at removing all traces of a face full o slap?


It's actually just one of a suite of 5 products that make up the de-maq expert range. There's one intriguingly called Elixir Concentrate, which sounds mad fancy but which is actually aimed at hard to remove cosmetics like waterproof mascara and those horrid lipsticks with 2 layers and sealants and all sorts of shennanigans, as opposed to being the secret to eternal youth.
Bet it doesn't stand a chance against MAC Liquidlast Liners though!

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