New Thing to Worry About: Wrinkly Feet

wrinkly feet

Elbows were the new heels last week and, oh dear: here we go again with another made up 'trend' to put the fear of god in the gullible. Apparently (well, according to a press release we got yesterday), sales of filler treatment to "hide the signs of ageing feet" have seen a 60% jump in the UK in the past year.

Yeah right. What, up from one barm-cake to 60, is that it?

SIGNS OF AGEING IN THE FEET? PR people, please cop on, this is nothing short of ridiculous. A medi-pedi once a year if you're looking particularly crustacean-like and a lash of varnish, a bit of toe-nail clipping when they start to sprout through your socks - maybe a little Pickles Ointment - this is about as much attention anyone needs to spend on their plates of meat.

Having a hyaluronic acid-packed injectible called Teosyal Meso at £150stg a go jabbed in there because you're terrified they'll give the game away on your real age is really the point when you should probably call your whole beauty routine into question.


Here's what the a spokesman has to say about it though:

‘Women are becoming more open to the use of injectibles to ensure lines are plumped and complexions are left visibly younger.  Using fillers for the feet is relatively new although as we say our hands give away our age our feet do too and wrinkly feet can certainly let down your appearance. The treatment also works to hydrate the feet leaving them supple and smooth for up to 6 months.’

No info on whether this is available here yet, but if it was - would you be interested, and why?

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