New Years Resolutions: Use Origins Modern Friction

One of the things I am promising myself for 2008 is better skin. Now, it's not that it's bad, per se, but sure we all have our little problem areas, don't we? Mine are 'areas of congestion' and some pigmentation I'm not too happy about. I am doing all I can in the battle against brown spots by limiting how dark they get by using an SPF every day. But them auld congested bits, well, they're another problem.

I noticed as the winter kicked in and I started using heavier creams and balms, that my chin started to get horribly lumpy. Blackheads increased, the texture of the skin there looked horrible and I found myself poking away in every brightly lit mirror I came across. Now, self-poking isn't such a hot idea. It can lead to broken veins, infection and enlarged pores, so it should be done judiciously and preferably by a pro. I wish I was able to take my own advice, but I can't resist a wee squeeze.

During a recent clear-out of my beauty stash, I came across Origins Modern Friction again, and I was delira. Billed as 'nature's microdermabrasion', this stuff is thick in consistency, and full of goodies like rice starch to effectively exfoliate skin. I'm using it in the shower and it's paying off. My chin will never be clear, but finding a product that minimises the buildup of sebum in it is a godsend. This ladies, is de wan for me, I think - but as it's suitable for all skintypes, anyone can give it a whirl.


As Origins is a premium brand, it can be pricey - this stuff is in the €40 region. My money-saving tip is to get it in Dublin airport if you can - you get 20% off down-town prices and they always have sets which are great value. Ace!

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