NEW! YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush: Love At First Swipe. Review, Swatches, Pics

Last week I got the chance to attend YSL's launch of Something Very Nice Indeed.

The latest addition to their fabulous fold is Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, a clever hybrid that takes care of lips and cheeks in one fell sweep. So far, so Benetint but three things really make this collection stand out - the texture, the colour range and it's nifty little applicator.

First up, I love the air-whipped formula in these babies. It slips on like it is made of a satiny velvet - oh yes, all the luxurious feels are going on here. The colour sets to a radiant, matte finish and can be built up for mega pigment oomph.

Kiss & Blush N°1 Kiss & Blush N°1

The range will come in 12 colours, with four colour families each carrying three shades:

  • Saucy Baby Doll - fresh and punchy pinks.

N°1 Fuchsia Désinvolte, N°2 Rose Insolent, N°3 Rose Libre

  • Sexy Baby Doll - one fiery orange and two hot reds.

N°4 Orange Fougueux, N°5 Rouge Effronté, N°6 Rouge Libertine.

  • Liberated Baby Doll - bright shades of pink, violet and coral.

N°7 Corail Affranchi, N°8 Pink Hédoniste, N°9 Rose Épicurien.

  • Sassy Baby Doll - brown and nude shades.

N°10 Nude Insolent, N°11 Prune Impertinente, N°12 Moca Garçonne

N°9 Rose Épicurien , N°5 Rouge Effronté L to r: N°9 Rose Épicurien , N°5 Rouge Effronté

The applicator is a clever divil - it's not rigid like most, it's actually quite flexible and houses a hidden bead at the centre. It doesn't sound that exciting and sure, it's not third secret of Fatima, but it is actually quite a good feature. It means that the tip has a great shape so it gives a sharp outline to the lips with minimal effort and I found it made a big difference in creating a strong cupid's bow - no liner required.

The end result is that you see colour, not product and in short, me likey. A lot.

Kiss & Blush N°9 Kiss & Blush N°9

You can mix and match the collection if you have deep pockets and like to avoid match-matchy. But each are beautiful on their own and I suspect certain shades will become a staple of my makeup bag.


Baby Doll Kiss & Blush will be launching exclusively at Brown Thomas in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway from 1st April, and at YSL counters nationwide from 1st May. They ain't cheap at €30 a pop, but I highly recommend as a payday treat.

Are you tempted to give these a whirl? Or are you hanging out for that Fatima revelation?

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