Nivea Get Oxygenated

niveaThose of us without the billion euro budget necessary to buy Bliss' Triple Oxygen shennanigans will be delira to find out about Nivea's newest skincare line, Nivea Visage Oxegen Power. It aims to purify skin with magical oxygen, and gives you a 'healthy-looking, bright complexion'.

There are three products in the range - Oxygen Power Cleansing Gel, with soft cleansing pearls deeply purifies, gently foaming without drying out the skin;Â Oxygen Power Day Cream with 15% pure oxygen, and Oxygen Power Night Cream (also with 15% pure oxygen) to regenerate & revive skin each and every night.


Ohh, buy now from supermarkets n' chemists n' Boots. And knowing Nivea, it'll be only the few quid too.

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