No 7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm: Summer Skin in a Bottle. Review, Pics, Swatches

This lovely product from No 7 has flown under the radar since its release a few months ago. Summer can be a difficult time for makeup, and despite my terrifyingly diligent skincare routine, the transition in seasons is displeasing my skin. The result is an infuriating combination of dryness and congestion, which is a nightmare to deal with.

While I'm trying to rescue my skin with a combination of skin food and products, I've been searching for something to counteract the dull appearance of my skin and give it back some glow.

instant illusions1

I love this rapid radiance balm from No 7. It's a true multi-tasker. Applied alone (after moisturiser) it will give skin a reflective sheen that isn't at all shimmery or artificial looking. The orange-pink hue also helps to banish blueness and the generally drab appearance of tired skin. Mixed with foundation, it gives you an  instantly radiant base. It'll also do this if applied before foundation.

I like dabbing it along the cheekbones, cupid's bow, browbones and bridge of the nose as a beautiful but subtle highlight. It would also make a summer tan look incredible when applied as a highlighter to face, collar bones and shoulders, or even down the centre of shins to give legs some oomph!

instant illusions2


The drawback is that this costs €22 for 30mls, which seems steep for a No 7 product. However, as you can see from the swatch photo, this really works and a very little goes a long, long way.

Despite the fact that this Rapid Radiance Balm would look great on tanned skin, this has hugely improved the appearance of my pale skin in the brighter summer light.

I'm really impressed!

Have you tried this product? What are your dull skin savers? Share in the comments!

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