No More: No 7 Stocking Cream Has Been Discontinued

We were asked about this recently as bare legs season begins: some of you Beaut.ies have been having difficulty trying to track down new supplies of No 7 Stocking Cream for the forthcoming warmer (we hope) weather.

Ever eager to please, I got onto Boots PR to see if they had any light to shed on the matter.

They did.


It's been discontinued.

Yup, Stocking Cream is no more. I have asked if there's anything else in the lineup that might do the trick - or you never know, a newbie could be swooping in to replace it - and will report back. But in the meantime, if you know of a similar product to Stocking Cream - Sally Hansen is one that's a definite goer - maybe you'd leave a comment for anyone left bereft by its cancellation?

Update: good news, the product has been renamed and repackaged as No 7 Bronze Silk (legs).

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