If you love nude nail polish you need to try this €6.95 favourite

Love nude nail polish? So do we! And we've found a great one that won't break the bank.

Nude nail polish is always a great way to give your nails a neat, clean finish. It goes with any outfit and also isn't completely ruined if a little chip appears (unlike the red nail polish I'm wearing right now). And while it may look sleek and sophisticated, a good nude varnish doesn't have to come with a whopping price tag. We've found a gorgeous shade that's just €6.95 from Rimmel's Super Gel Collection.


Bare Hug is a gorgeous beige that will suit any complexion. It's slightly darker in tone than OPI's favourite Samoan Sand so if you find that one looks a little anaemic against your skin tone, this could be a great alternative.


Nude nail polish looks great on short, oval nails but equally so on longer nails too. For a glossy, polished finish wear it with the corresponding Super Gel Top Coat. Or if you want something a little different, add a matte top coat for a modern, minimalist finish.

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